Average Jake Podcast Notes – Part 2

After a great response to our last podcast together, Robby invited me back for the second round of book discussion, this time talking about our top five books every fire officer should read. I enjoyed talking books with Robby and especially enjoyed the thinking and reflecting required to come up with—and narrow down—this list. Officers in the fire service are a lot of things: leaders, managers, mentors, coaches, confidants, and so on. It is important to cultivate these skills within yourself as you take that step and continue your journey. We picked books that have meant a lot to us and helped us on our paths so that maybe they can help you also. Happy reading.

Check out the episode here.

Robby’s Booklist

Extra Credit – Fireground Strategies – Anthony Avillo, The history of your fire department.

My Booklist

Extra Credit – Command and Control of Fires and Other Emergencies Vincent Dunn, The Evolving Fireground – Sean Gray & PJ Norwood  (see my Required Reading post here)

As with the last one, listen to the episode to get a rundown of why we picked the books on this list. Thanks again to Robby for having back on, it was a blast!

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